Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Quotient

How to remain Happy in the murky times!!!

In the days of tension, economic crisis, rat race of competition, exam pressure—being happy is the default state of mind for most of us, few are still learning though. When asked with a question like “Are you Happy? ” people ogle each other so incredulously as though they are asked “Have you seen God lately?”

Well there are people who manage to remain in high spirits despite the mess we are in. They find means to remain tolerably cheerful—surely to crack the code the rest of us need to cope in trying times. The best example can be none other than Khuswant Singh, who was thrown out of his job couple of times, risked his life in pre & post independence riots, lived through the 1962 China catastrophe, the anti-sikh riots (1984), the serial blasts in Mumbai (1993), Gujarat riots (2002) and now the double whammy-the dreaded terror spectacle in Mumbai and the worst recession in the post globalized India and still maintains his quietude and sense of humour in tact.

* Let me quote the H (Happy) quotient prescribed by Khuswant Singh:
Good Bank Account ; Good Company & Good Digestion;

H quotient given by noted psychiatrist, Dr Avdesh Sharma
Good Family Time, Good Health, Regular Exercise, Taking Up a Job & Meditation

Last but not the least, the recipe to remain happy as suggested by APJ Abdul Kalaam is : Family Life, Being Taught Early in Life to Overcome Problems Rather Than Let Them Overcome You, Good Books, Gardening & Carnatic Music

*Reddy, Sheela; Business Line, 25/12/08