Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu.. Shakti Rupenu Samhistitha..

Misty early morning at 4 AM, the mind is refreshed hearing the sanskrit slokas “Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu, Shakti Rupenu Samhistitha..Namostashya Namostashya Namoh Namaha…”
Yes, I can remember very well being grown up with this.. every year on the day of Mahaloya, mamma used to tell us to get up early in the morning, switch on to AIR, Kolkata..and get ready for the Mahaloya hymns and recitations. I remember, how all of us used to get enthralled hearing the slokas, being recited by Shri Birendra Krishna Bhadra...It is the day, Mother Durga leaves her heavenly abode and starts her voyage along with her children to the earth.. We get ready to welcome the Divine Mother on the earth..

I could remember the days at Guwahati, how me and my little sister kept track of the number of new dresses we purchased...because.. we never wanted to repeat any dress twice during the puja days.. the festivities would begin by the evening of Shasthi..(6th day of Navratra) when the idol of the deity was brought in our community Puja pandal.. we, decked up with our new attire (from our latest collections, of course) were totally excited.. me and some of my friends performing matri vandana.. the purohits performing sandhya aarti.. and few others playing the Dhaak to give a warm welcome to the Mother.. next three days, we used to be extremely busy, adorned in best outfit, the menfolk dressed in Kurta Pyjamas, our mother and aunties draped in bangla taant / pure silk sarees… arranging the flowers, offering thaalis for the Puja…. We all assembled together to offer Puspanjali to the Divine Mother….and then the long wait and that too in large numbers for the community lunch.. “Bhog” ( Khichdi, Payesh etc)..

The evenings had a little different story.. we dressed up in another set of new attires, alongwith our parents / relatives hopped around in different puja pandals throughout the city..and yes, I am able to recollect few of them till date…. Durga Mandir and Rest Camp at Maligaon, the idol brilliantly placed on the Silpukhuri Lake… the exotic electrical display at Beltola and Athgaon Puja Mandap, the huge Ashura at Khubchand, near Fancy Bazaar that used to attract huge number of children…. eating out till late night and so much of hustle and bustle everywhere.. the last day (Vijaya Dashami) we used to assemble to give a tearful aideu to the Mother…

Today, on the day of Mohaloya, while on my way to office, occupying a seat inside the cool Delhi Metro, I could not stop remembering my early days.. yes, even today we do carry on with the puja shopping etc.. but the craze of wearing a new attire every time we move out during the puja days, is no more.. The turns and twists definitely bring change in our life….I could not manage to tune in to AIR Kolkata today… however, switched on to E TV Bangla / Zee Bangla, also made sure that my 11 year old son is awake to see the recitations/ hymns on the occasion of Mohalaya….

Hoping to have a great Durga Puja next week… taking part in all the community activities… my naughty little son also has some plans … offer Puspanjali at Matri Mandir, enjoy the community lunch “Bhog” at Kaali Baari..and enjoy good cultural program at Chittaranjan Park…