Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cola Wars: Where have they gone?

Summers have set in late March this year, yet we don’t get to see much, the war of coloured, sugared, fizzy water on our television screens.. Usually it is the time, when two cola giants spend a lot on TV and more....

The cola wars are actually confrontations made to look like battles by the major cola marketers. The idea is to elevate an otherwise dull and drab category into a high appeal class that has the entire nation gossiping about the television mêlée. The cola giants depend on community media such as television, print, radio, internet and not to forget the social networking sites to chitchat more and take the battle ahead. These battles have been waged season after season and the ingenuity stands worn out in these continuous conflict. I may not be wrong in quoting, that the USP has been exhausted (my readers, if any, excuse me for that) and if one does the same thing repetitively, things are going to get monotonous. Hence, I believe the lull… Colas will undoubtedly continue to remain a big category as India continues to be a major cola market……..

The only larger drink is water… let us look forward for the battle of waters now.