Friday, April 7, 2017

It's time we do our own SWOT Analysis

Hey folks, writing after a long hibernation....... A post of one of my friend on Facebook prompted me to write few lines on this theme. In this busy hustle, specially living a hectic professional life, do we really give importance to our close relationships? When I say close relationships, I mean our spouse, children, parents, close friends (if any) or even team members at work. The equation we share with different levels of our colleagues at work occupies a substantial portion of our 'mind-space' as my blog is named. Sometimes we also bring back the memories of our relationship transactions of work at home and consciously or unconsciously we allow to create an impact on our close relationships. We need to work on our relationships, many of us do not realize; on the contrary we start expecting from each other. Sometimes success lead us to a certain level that we tend to forget our roots, ignore those close relationships who helped us in our struggle. We also come across different people in our lifetime,some we forget; with some we maintain friendship, with few others we try to keep touch and if there is no reciprocation, then the one-sided communication comes to a halt. A thought on which I often ponder.. Do we allow success to intervene our relationships? Are we capable of handling success? The recent brawl that happened between the famous comedian Kapil Sharma and one of his colleagues, Sunil Grover teaches us a lot about relationships. Success does not entitle us to live with a high ego. We need to respect human relationships. It is time we do our own SWOT analysis and identify our core competencies. Success of a project cannot be achieved single-handedly. It depends on the team members. Respecting the team members is one of the greatest qualities of a good leader, if not a good human being. In short life calls for respecting relationships. We cannot expect happiness, satisfaction or climbing the ladder of success all by ourselves. Life is good, life is beautiful, let's learn to respect and love each other instead of putting anyone down.