Thursday, July 31, 2008

The terror strikes again…..

The beautiful soil of our motherland is under the clench of terrorist attack once again.... As the nation gears up to celebrate the 51st Independence Day, the innocent populace are shaken by the horrid and grisly act of these terrorists. The general public are so tensed, every time they step out of their house there is a nervousness whether they / their kith and kin shall be returning back home safe. Every now and then there is a threat call or an e-mail by the self styled jehadis to blow out the nation. Grapevine persists in every circle, be it in office, metro stations, college canteens; some of the fellow citizens even go to the extent saying that the acts performed by the terrorists are only the curtain raiser. We are yet to face the worst. The citizens of independent India are under tremendous fear, it seems we have lost the freedom of movement. I want to ask my readers ( if any) is this the result of the sacrifice done by Mahatma Gandhi, Shaheed Bhagat Singh or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose? Is this what was dreamt by our freedom fighters? If this is the state of condition of independent India after a few decade, where our political leaders in order to serve their vested interest take resort from these ‘jehadis,’ what impression are we giving to our next generation?


win said...

I think the onus lies with us only to fight with terrorism. Being responsible citizens, we should show sincere concern over the security of our home, neighbor, city and the country. That is what our great freedom fighters might have expected out of new India. I must say there are always more enemies than friends on the way of growth; and now when we are getting a say on global scales, we should not forget our internal issues. Its time to be alert, united and concerned about our own people, about our own India.

Prasun said...

Our freedom movement was actually a very colossal episode, the relevance of which goes beyond time. I don’t think that we can or for that matter we should try to correlate the terrorist activity with our freedom movement. For, it’s only we, the good Samaritans when we are sad, emotionally touched by death of innocent people, start asking such questions.

However, from a terrorist’s or terrorisms perspective, such activity has got nothing to with our freedom movement or dream of our freedom fighters. Their intention is not to compel people to ask questions like relevance of Indian freedom movement but to draw attention of media towards them. Therefore more we ask such questions more we give importance to terrorism per se; and that’s all they need.