Sunday, November 23, 2008

Will this BIG BOSS ever end?

The nonstop insane acts of the characters of the so called house of Big Boss does not seem to end even after the "winner" been declared on 22nd Nov, 08. I understand when a new channel 'Colour' was launched almost 4 months back, they required a masala program to market their medium, not to forget the TRP tricks..and after the visual treat the channel has given to the viewers for 3 months,the remaining channels on Indian Television (even the prestigious news channels) cannot stop but discuss the so called 'milestones'(wonder what were those) achieved by the winner Ashutosh and the sacrifice done by other inmates so that he wins and blah blah...even till today, i. e. on 24th Nov, 08. Even a mega event HT Leadership Summit (Nov 21-22, 08) held in the Taj failed to arrest the media time and space. I fail to understand whether this is the taste of entertainment of modern Indians? or The media guys are having dearth of stories to keep their audience captive?? And to my utter surprise, even a prestigious daily, the Times of India very benevolently donates space and religiously provides a wide coverage of the " acts " of the inmates. At times I ponder, do our university toppers or those intelligent boys & girls who top the CAT or IAS manage to acquire such extensive coverage for 3-4 days in national network / national dailies..

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