Monday, August 17, 2009

My name is (not) Khan

Well this piece has nothing to do with K Jo’s forthcoming film “My name is Khan,” but the recent hue n cry created by the King Khan.. ala Shahrukh Khan ( who happens to be one of my favourite) and the media, on the former’s recent visit to the US. Even the former President of the country was also frisked in our own land by the staff of an US airliner and very few eyebrows were raised. In fact there are many Indians, who were frisked.. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Irfaan Khan, Neil Nitin Mukhesh, Salmaan Khan, Jayanti Natarajan, to name a few.

I fail to understand, why we Indians are so conscious about the VIP status, specially when the formality is carried out at the cost of the security of a nation and involves the lives of millions? We, Indians are very emotional, and very easily tend to forget the consequences of ghastly terrorist attacks. I am actually surprised that SRK, who happens to travel to the States, very often, is passing such a remark, rather he should be used to such a practice.. (yes it would have been wrong, had they strictly limited to carry out such a formality on the basis of a particular religion) Very recently, the US cops were found seeking ID from a Professor of Harvard and most surprisingly from American Icon & Legend Bob Dylan. This is the reason, why no terror attacks had taken place in the US post 9 / 11.

It is high time, we Indians should learn from the US. Though the Honourable T & T Minister, Ms. Ambika Soni said that we should also do the same (Tit for a Tat) with the US celebrities / VIPs… the protocol should be religiously followed in our country, no matter whether there are US celebrities, Indian VIPs, Pakistani nationals or aam Hindustani… Thank God,my name is (not) Khan, and I am a common Indian and I would not mind waiting for hours, if it demands so, for my nation. Jai Hind.

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